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August 14, 2010

care instructions for an ordinary life

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Welcome to my new blog everyone! I feel very fortunate to share this journey with you. Let’s get started, shall we?
My Saturday morning was spent roaming around the zoo. It was magical to see all the beautiful animals & soak in some nature.


The rest of my day was spent working & trying to savor every page of Karen Maezen Miller‘s insightful masterpiece, Hand Wash Cold,
which I discovered through my beautiful friend/amazing yoga teacher, Lisa. She recently quoted a passage from the book in class,
& thank God she did because HWC turned out to be a life changing gift.


So as a parting gift, here’s the passage that led me to a whole new discovery:
“We are not the designers of our life. Life is the designer of us. Life is vast and grand, intelligent, clever, and completely unknowable. It always has the last word. It is the last word. Life interrupts us when we are at our most self-assured. Life diverts us when we are hell-bent on going elsewhere. Life arrives in a precise and yet unplanned sequence to deliver exactly what we need in order to realize our greatest potential. The delivery is not often what we would choose, and almost never how we intend to satisfy ourselves, because our potential is well beyond our limited, ego-bound choices and self serving intentions.” Karen Maezen Miller

I hope you come back again soon & I’d love to hear your thoughts or suggestions about this blog. It’s super easy to leave a comment here & anyone could do it so just holler anytime :) Lastly, if you’d like to promote your business, service, blog or website, please consider advertising on our blog. Feel free to send your inquiries to: info@artsychameleon.net

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