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February 23, 2011

LA Maternity Session | Amy Brady

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I did Amy’s first maternity session over a month ago & we just clicked right away. So I couldn’t be more thrilled when she wanted to do another session. Amy is 34.5 weeks pregnant and as radiantly gorgeous as ever. I hope you enjoy these images as much as we enjoyed our time together…









I’m very grateful for Amy and all the wonderful people I’ve had the privilege to work with.
They are the reason why I do what I do.

Photographer Assistant: {Lathrop Walker}
Gear Bag: {Canon 5D Mark II} {Canon 50mm 1.2L} {Canon Speedlite 430EX II} {Interfit EXD200}

© Agnes Muljadi All Rights Reserved
My images are not to be used, copied, edited, or blogged without my written permission.


  1. Perfect set. Perfect. Amazed with your work, and Amy is stunning. Bravo, Agnes, splendid!

    Comment by Preston — February 23, 2011 @ 12:52 am

  2. This might just be your most outstanding work so far. Truly remarkable images from every aspect. The lighting, clarity, editing are just simply PERFECT! She is also undoubtedly one of your most stunning subjects ever. My favourites? ALL OF THEM! #1, #2, #7 & #8 are brilliant. #5 & the last one are legendary! Hats off to you my genius friend.

    Comment by Gianni — February 23, 2011 @ 1:21 am

  3. such a dynamic set. each shot has a great uniqueness to it. wonderful work to you both!!

    Comment by lathropw — February 23, 2011 @ 1:49 am

  4. A beauty!! I really love the edit of these..smashing job!! xoxo

    Comment by TimbarikaDoll — February 23, 2011 @ 2:11 am

  5. Wow amazing series, Amy has such beautiful and mesmerizing eyes, your work is outstanding Artsy, my fave is #5, but all are stunning, bravo xoxo

    Comment by CoolAzerty — February 23, 2011 @ 2:33 am

  6. Agnes, you continue to amaze me. I’m always inspired and excited to see your latest work. These are gorgeous and I love the simplicity of the set…and the lighting…really sets off everything about her. ABSOLUTELY LOVELY. Cheers. Raising a pint to you.

    Comment by Richard Carmen — February 23, 2011 @ 12:30 pm

    • Richard!! It’s always such a lovely surprise to hear from you. Come to LA so I can your pics! :) I hope you & Sue are well. Much love.

      Comment by artsychameleon | fotografi — February 23, 2011 @ 11:41 pm

  7. Great series Agnes!
    Of course the one with the spread hair is great but I’ll go for second one for my favorite because of the look in her eye!

    Comment by Lilian — February 23, 2011 @ 1:09 pm

  8. Love-Love-Love this series! What a beautiful collaboration. Pregnancy suits her and the different looks capture her spirit so well. My favorite are the black and whites. I love the first one and the last one! Bravo!

    Comment by Lisa — February 23, 2011 @ 4:12 pm

  9. Beautiful series! There is an amazing clarity to each and every one of these. Her eyes and her glow are radiant in every photo. The third, fifth, and eighth are my favorites. The fifth is especially out of this world. Love the little socks too! Really excellent work!

    Comment by Isaac — February 23, 2011 @ 9:52 pm

  10. Agnes, congratulations on a beautiful set of photographs!
    I love them all- but if I have to pick one as my absolute favorite, it has to be the first in the series.
    There’s something so angelic and innocent about that shot, it makes one realize how amazing the bond between a mother and child really is.
    Thank you so much for sharing, and Great work! xxx

    Comment by Elaine — February 24, 2011 @ 11:37 am

  11. As always your shots are brilliant – but shot No2 is just stunning, love that shot within that connection you have made – lovely.

    Comment by jacglenphoto — February 25, 2011 @ 3:16 pm

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