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October 23, 2010

LA Senior Session | Rachel Class of 2010 [Part 2]

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Returning to the lovely miss Rachel :)






{View Part 1}
Photographer Assistant: {Lathrop Walker}
Location: {Griffith Park & Observatory}
Gear Bag: {Canon 5D Mark II} {Canon 28-135mm 3.5-5.6 IS} {Canon 50mm 2.5 Macro} {Canon Speedlite 430EX II} {Interfit 32-inch Reflector}

© Agnes Muljadi All Rights Reserved
My images are not to be used, copied, edited, or blogged without my written permission.


  1. A great continuing series. My fav(s) are the number(s) 1,2 and 6. awesome work!!

    Comment by lathropw — October 23, 2010 @ 9:41 pm

  2. Excellent shots Agnes. I like the rustic/brownish tones and her AMAZING eyes! I have quite a few favourites: #1, #3, & #6 is absolutely exquisite.

    Congratulations for being explored on a regular basis again. I am glad that there is never a day when I do not see your amazing work in flickr explore. I just saw your latest this morning!

    Comment by Gianni — October 23, 2010 @ 10:13 pm

  3. A great series. DIfferent styles of pictures very well taken.
    Exposure, contrast and composition are top notch for each of them!
    My two favorites are the two first ones: the first one for the the hair curl and the look in her eyes and the second one for the great smile.

    Comment by Lilian — October 23, 2010 @ 11:51 pm

  4. So much diversity in these. My favorites are the first and the last. Amazing eyes in them both, and both of them distinct moments and sides of her. The first one is very Cate Blanchett. Excellent shots!

    Comment by Isaac — October 24, 2010 @ 3:07 am

  5. amazing eyes, lovely smile, superb series, my fave is #1 for the hair curl and the expression, brilliant work as always Artsy and bravo to Rachel !!!

    Comment by CoolAzerty — October 24, 2010 @ 4:44 am

  6. She has the face of an angel, gorgeous eyes. You were able to show us her spirit manifesting is so many levels. Capturing beauty from the inside and out is your true gift. SUBLIME work! My favorites are #1 and #5 (sensibility + strength :)

    Comment by azraviolet 9 — October 24, 2010 @ 6:25 am

  7. wonderful shots..she’s a great model :) Hope her school year is a fantastic one!! I like the last one, the look is great :)

    Comment by TimbarikaDoll — October 24, 2010 @ 8:25 am

  8. I have every certainty that this portfolio will be the total envy of all her friends! Great sets and poses, and as ever, your use of the light is superb. I have a hard time choosing between #5 and #6, but I think #6 takes it. All are excellent works!

    Comment by Preston — October 24, 2010 @ 8:47 am

  9. Awesome work as always Agnes!! Love the different style of pictures! My favorite are the first and the last.

    Comment by Simi — October 24, 2010 @ 8:36 pm

  10. Great Pics! Agnes, you always do so well with the eyes!! I would have to say my favs are 1, 3, 6, but each and every one of them have special qualities that make them stand out. And I totally agree with Isaac on the Cate Blanchett comment!!

    Comment by Scott C. Brown — October 25, 2010 @ 8:38 am

  11. For me definitely the #1 and #5 are very favorites. OMG those eyes.Great variety,nice colors and your model looks fresh. Love them:) xoxox Natalia

    Comment by Natalia — October 25, 2010 @ 1:26 pm

  12. gorgeous senior shots. and her eyes are amazing.

    Comment by Linda Jackman — October 25, 2010 @ 3:16 pm

  13. Beautiful series; the first one is the first one;love the blue of the jeans and the eyes in contrast to the background.
    They are all very beautiful and expressive;miss Rachel’s smile is lovely :-D

    Enjoy your day Agnes….!

    Comment by Julka 2009 — October 26, 2010 @ 3:33 am

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